Brenda Gyarmati

I’m Brenda Gyarmati owner of THRIVE ON LIVE and creator SWEET LOVE DAIRY FREE ICE CREAM and this is my story.


I am the only and youngest girl to a family of five boys, who grew up in a loving, crazy, chaotic home.  My mother died when I was 9 years old of breast cancer, my father died when I was 19 of congestive heart failure and one of my brothers died of Multiple Sclerosis at 45 years old.  Realizing that I could not change my genetics but I could certainly make positive choices in my life, I became inspired to take better care of myself. I wanted to support my body to be as strong and healthy as possible so I naturally became very interested in the areas in my life I could control… like nutrition and fitness.


I am now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef and Health Food Educator and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and passion with you.  I am passionate about nutrient dense foods and maintaining a whole food plant based diet. I have learned that exercise is a necessity and an absolute requirement for body maintenance and mental well-being, and that laughter really is the best medicine. I’m married to an amazing man that I love with all my heart who supports me with all my whimsical ideas.  We are animal lovers and have two spoiled dogs that round out our happy home.

My Fitness Background

I was carded for the 1998 Winter Olympic’s (Nagano, Japan) with women’s hockey TEAM CANmarathonADA.  Unfortunately, I was not selected to the final team, yet this amazing experience propelled me into new and amazing adventures in fitness.  Currently I am interested in triathlons, running, cycling, yoga and crossfit. I have run many half marathons and ran my first full marathon in 2015 and look forward to training for more. My husband and I have encouraged others to attain their own goals by hosting half marathon groups, where we train together to run selected marathons.

marathon2It’s so fulfilling to watch everyone’s faces as they achieve their goals by crossing the finish line!!!  Let me tell you, I used to absolutely HATE running but now I quite enjoy it…most days. I am by no means exceptional at any of these sports but I go out and do what I can do to stay active and motivated. Surrounding yourself with supportive like-minded awesome people keeps you on track. That is what Thrive on Live is all about. Thriving on live nutritious foods to empower YOUR life! 

What about Sweet Love Dairy Free Ice Cream?

SweetLoveLogoWell that all came about a few years ago when I broke my leg playing hockey.  I had some time during my recovery so I took a Raw Food Chef/trainer course in the USA.  I was interested in the creativity of preparing raw food so I jumped in with both feet (well one really). One of the recipes we learned was how to make raw “ice cream” and being a lover of sweet things (yes I fully admit it!) I was intrigued.  We made the ice cream out of young thai coconuts and other lovely beautiful ingredients and it was delicious.  When I came home, I told my husband (who’s lactose intolerant) about this amazing ice cream and he immediately wanted me to make some. I obliged and he loved it and told me I should sell it.  I thought that was a great idea but I wasn’t going to cut open coconuts to make batches and batches of ice cream.

So, I fiddled with the recipe and came up with my own and started selling at a local farmers market. It was really nothing special, I put the ice cream in cartons and wrote the flavour on the front with a magic marker, no fancy labels! I couldn’t believe that the first day at the market people were buying my products!



Customers asked me if I would be back, so I came back the following week. From there I continued to change the recipe so that the taste and texture was more like ice cream. I also started making some raw foods like Superfood Granola and Energy Bars. I am genuinely happy to offer a quality product that is made from real food and it really tastes like ice cream. AND that is how SWEET LOVE came about.

Sweet Love is dairy free, made in small batches, made with real food and it’s free of animal products (Vegan). I now serve several different locations and we are growing. I am very grateful to the local businesses in my area for all their support, without them my little ice cream business would have never come to fruition.

I would love to connect with you!

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