10 signs of Adrenal Fatigue


What the heck is adrenal fatigue anyway?  Adrenal fatigue/exhaustion is a collection of symptoms that occur when the adrenals are not performing up to par. One of the main symptoms of adrenal compromise is unrelenting fatigue. No matter what you do, you feel physically and emotionally beat up.  You rely on coffee and stimulants just get you through the day; does this sound familiar? Adrenal fatigue can result from chronic or acute illness, stressful job, difficult relationships or a stressful lifestyle or life event. Wondering if this could be happening to you?

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You May Have Adrenal Fatigue If:

ENERGY: You are exhausted regardless of how much sleep you get or if you can’t stay asleep. You are dragging throughout the day and rely on caffeine or other stimulants to get you through the day. You can feel wired but tired.

EMOTIONS: You are feeling anxious and or depressed and are having trouble coping with life’s everyday stresses. You are weepy or easily angered more so than you wish.

HORMONES: Your hormones are out of whack! Irregular periods, PMS, fertility problems or low libido.

FOGGY BRAIN:  You have a “fuzzy head” don’t feel focused and are having difficulty concentrating.

WEIGHT GAIN:  You just can’t lose weight despite the fact you are eating well, watching your diet and exercising, doing all the “right things” yet the weight keeps coming on, especially around your abdomen.

FOOD CRAVINGS: You are craving salty snacks more than usual or craving sweets in the afternoon when you are feeling tired.

DIZZY OR LIGHT-HEADED when getting up from prone position (lying down) to standing position and or you have low blood pressure.

THYROID IMBALANCES: Your thyroid and adrenals are connected and support one another. If you have problems with your thyroid, supporting your adrenals may help.

MUSCULAR ACHES/PAINS:  We tend to hold our stress in our muscles, especially our neck and shoulders. If you are chronically sore this may be a sign that you are not releasing stress.

YOU ARE COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED AFTER EXERCISE: I’m not talking about having a good workout and feeling tired. I am talking about no energy post exercise, need to have a big nap and feel unwell with a pro-longed recovery until you feel normal again.

These are symptoms of many other illnesses as well and are not only specific to adrenal fatigue. If you have many of the symptoms and are concerned you may want to speak to a functional health care provider like a naturopath or your family doctor.

Want to learn more about your adrenals and some ways to support them check out my blog on Adrenal Fatigue.

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